Reduce Turnover & Earn Loyalty with Data-powered Sales

Jason Moore Mar 12, 2021 5:48:49 PM

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One of the greatest struggles that contractors deal with is sales rep turnover. When reps and canvassers come and go with high frequency, revenue becomes difficult to predict, sales more costly to achieve, and managing the team more frustrating—for you and your employees. Few things zap morale faster than a revolving door, which is why it’s tough to stop turnover once it starts. This leads to a culture with sinking productivity and diminishes the likelihood of hitting revenue goals, directly impacting your bottom line.

Stop Losing your Best Sales Reps

Here are some common causes of turnover that may sound familiar to owners and managers.

• Low-value Sales Contracts

• Small Commissions

• Inefficient Use of Time

• Limited Opportunities

High-effort, Low-reward Imbalance

• Negative Customer Feedback

• Limited Company Support

• Poor Internal Relationships

What if you could eliminate frustration-based turnover by attracting the best talent, by providing the right tools, and by keeping your team motivated and excited every day? Substantially improve your sales culture and get results for your business by implementing a data-powered sales strategy. Let's address each goal below.

Go from Weak Sales to Maximum Contract Value

A data-powered sales strategy from Cognitive Contractor considers your revenue goals and identifies prospects with the greatest potential value to your company. When you focus your sales reps and canvassers on these priority homes, the average contract value and closing percentage will increase substantially. Higher sales totals at higher margins makes for happy reps with big checks.

Create a Massive Productivity Boost & Stop Wasting Time

When the data is successfully predicting your next sale, your team will stay focused on opportunities that are most likely to convert and no longer waste time on long shots or small deals. Further improve your efficiency by maximizing the time management of your canvassers with Smart Routing and get them to the right doors at the right time in the shortest amount of time. Make the most of every minute.

Unveil a Multitude of Promising Opportunities

Most of the time, a lack of opportunity is not for a lack of desire or effort. It is the result of looking in the wrong place or not knowing where to look at all. Think of this data-powered technology as a lead gen scanner, programmed to analyze your existing customers, discover which ones have the highest value, and determine what they look like. Once you apply this information to your target market, you uncover all prospective clients that look just like your ideal customer. The result is a multitude of leads ready for sophisticated and targeted marketing campaigns, along with sales efforts that are customized to each prospect’s unique needs, interests, and personalities. All of which increase the probability of a successful sale.

Reverse your High-effort, Low-reward Dilemma

Targeted sales and multi-channel marketing efforts flip this imbalance around. A full-scale, data-driven sales and marketing solution not only directs your reps and canvassers to high-value homeowners, it also supports their efforts with highly targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns. Simply put, Cognitive Contractor will do most of the work for you. We’ll even pre-set the appointments so that your team has to just show up and close. Low effort, high reward—that's the Cognitive approach.

Eliminate Negative Feedback by Attracting Warm & Receptive Leads

Negative feedback typically comes from pushing services to people who don't want or need them. That's why targeted marketing efforts must focus on key indicators to make sure that every lead is interested in your service. Save a substantial amount of time and prevent angry reviews by eliminating unqualified prospects prior to any marketing or sales activities. Then, commit your efforts and budget to just those homeowners that are most likely to convert into valuable business for your company. Imagine, Cognitive Contractor can even narrow down the top-priority targets to people who have responded positively to your marketing campaigns. And they’ll be warm and ready when you arrive at the appointment.

Improve Internal Relationships with Strong Company Support

Asking for the moon requires that you provide the fuel and technology to get there. You can't just hand out some kites and expect your people to soar to new heights. Cognitive Contractor is the rocket ship your sales team needs to reach all of the goals. Intelligent data fuels the journey and multi-channel marketing campaigns navigate the course, so that your salespeople will be able to reach the next level. This kind of cutting-edge technology makes teams feel motivated. It demonstrates that you're willing to invest in not only your success but also in their’s. Empower your sales team to hit record-breaking revenue. You’ll end up being rewarded in spades with happy team members and well-earned loyalty.

Having the tools is just the first step—you must execute to see real results. Unlike standard data companies, Cognitive Contractor teaches you how to use our approach effectively. We provide a complete solution; reliable data, targeted sales strategies, personalized multi-channel marketing, and implementation training.

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