Why Data-Driven Marketing Matters

Jason Moore Apr 16, 2021 1:33:14 PM

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Multi-channel marketing has become a broad spectrum with advertising channels such as direct mail, outbound calling, email, social, and many more. For home services contractors, door-to-door canvassing is a very powerful tool for lead generation, but let me ask you? Would you rather knock every single house in your market or would it be better to engage with only those homeowners who are interested in your service? Data-driven marketing matters because it targets actual revenue opportunities, like homeowners with a high probability to purchase your service. This keeps your business focused, saves time, increases revenue, boosts closing rates, and keeps your canvassers, sales reps, and your customers very happy.

Leveraging the Power of Data

How does it work? Let’s take a look at the process and how it can benefit your company


Every company has data. If you have a CRM, customer records, contracts, and a sales team with ground truth, you have data. You may also have data available from Google Analytics, social media, email marketing campaigns, customer surveys, and others that can help to inform future marketing and sales efforts. All of this data can be used to understand who your top-performing customers are and how to get them excited about working with you.


To ensure that your data works for you, you need to make sense of it. That means cleaning the data to ensure it is accurate and easy to analyze. If cleaning data sounds like a tricky skill to learn, you’re right. That’s why Cognitive Contractor does it for you. Once we receive the batches of data from your team, we take it from there. We’ll clean, sort, and analyze it for you and provide you with a summary of our findings.


Let’s be honest, most contractors buy lists of “leads” from a variety of services. In reality, these are not good leads. They are lists of names with contact information. These individuals are not vetted for quality, interest, or revenue potential, which are all critical considerations when you are spending money, valuable time, and resources to market and sell to them. 

Stop wasting time with property owners who are either not interested or do not require your services. Don't allow your canvassers to knock doors that have little or no value to your company. Doing so is the recipe for an ROI death spiral and epic sales team turnover.


The primary goal of data analysis is to understand who your ideal customer is so you can identify potential customers in the market that look and behave a lot like your ideal customer. Then, target those “lookalike” property owners with marketing and sales efforts that will get them excited. If we know who your company appeals to, who brings in the most revenue for you, and who meets your own self-defined goals, wants, and needs, then we can find people just like them that you haven’t met yet. 


Why waste time and money on people who will never buy from you or will only bring in a minimal amount of revenue? There’s a better way with Cognitive Contractor’s advanced targeting system. We will figure out who your next best customers will be and create custom messaging and offers that will encourage them to convert and set appointments. Our integrated digital marketing efforts will get in front of your ideal prospects on their favorite websites and devices, as well as through email, SMS, and direct mail. So, they will be warmed up when your sales team moves in. Your canvassers and  sales reps will prioritize these data-driven leads to make the best use of their time, resulting in the biggest revenue boost for your company. Cognitive Contractor marketing campaigns typically result in pre-set appointments as well, so your team just needs to show up and close.


Does this sound like the right plan for you? Here at Cognitive Contractor, we are a mix of data scientists, marketing experts, and contractor industry professionals, so we have all of the bases covered. Let us listen to your needs and walk you through how to improve your sales and marketing efforts and get you more revenue, satisfied customers, and happier sales reps.

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