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Jason Moore May 4, 2021 12:26:25 PM

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Have you ever launched an expensive marketing campaign with your fingers crossed, wondering if you made the right decision, if you spent too much, or if you should have just sent more canvassers? You’re not alone. Unless marketing efforts are backed by quality data, you’re likely to be disappointed by the results or worse; not realize it even though historical campaign performance has set low expectations.

Data-driven strategies allow companies to campaign with confidence because they are well-informed and directed by facts and insights rather than trial and error. Sales teams have the best chance of closing with data-backed initiatives, and they save time while earning more revenue. Executives rest easier with this marketing approach since they can count on getting optimal results; and they enjoy strong ROI, happy sales teams, and excited customers.

How Does Data-Driven Marketing Work its Magic?


Understand who your best customers are and what they have in common.

Data-driven marketing begins with understanding what has already worked for you. The Cognitive analysis of your customer data will highlight the highest-value customers and what they share in common so we can define what your ideal customer looks like. This informs customer loyalty and referral campaigns as well as new marketing campaigns.

Identify leads in the market that look and behave like your best customers.

Once you know what your ideal customer looks like, Cognitive Contractor uses a rich database of private, public, and proprietary data to determine how many individuals in your market match your ideal customer profile. You will see how many prospective customers are in your market and prioritize sales and marketing efforts based on which leads offer the best value and have the highest likelihood of converting. Save enormous time and resources by focusing on leads that are more than likely to be ready and willing to buy.

Learn about your leads’ preferences & what they want from you.

As part of our analysis, we learn which channels your leads prefer and determine what type of messaging and special offers will entice them the most. This helps to ensure that your brand and messaging are well-received and it uses personalization to help boost conversion rates.

Know which channels your customers like to use when learning about products and services like yours—SMS, email, social media, Google Display Network, direct mail, CTV, phone calls, and more. That way, they will be receptive when we reach out to them and enjoy their experience with your company from start to finish.

See what works & refine your approach.

There are a variety of analytics tools available to track which campaigns are working, which offers are popular, and to provide the necessary feedback to refine your strategy. It can, however, become overwhelming to track every metric on every platform for each segment on your own. Beyond that, making sense of all of the data does require a good deal of expertise and typically, a team that is dedicated to that sole task to truly get the results you’re looking for.

Cognitive uses advanced and integrated technologies in combination with our data-driven AI platform to assess the full experience of your audience and understand what your ideal customer likes/dislikes. We continually refine our strategy based on this knowledge and our AI gets smarter with every interaction. So, your results continue to improve and outperform.

Spend less time generating leads & more time earning revenue.

By knowing what your prospective customers want and delivering it to them on their favorite channels and devices, we make it easier for your company to sell, close, and serve your clients. With highly-targeted marketing and sales strategies, your team will spend less time trying to generate leads from uninterested parties and more time closing sales and earning revenue.

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