Data-Driven News

Industry leaders and experts in data analytics address the issues faced by home services contractors.

The 4 Pillars

The Digital Era

There are so many companies that struggle with growing and adapting to the new...

Beat the Competition with Data

My First IRE

What's up, everybody? Good morning. Good Morning. We made it. We're here. We're here....

Data-Driven Campaigns

Leverage TOMA

How do you leverage TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) on behalf of your business to have...

Know Your Customer

The 30%

So, if your rep goes and talks to 100 people, 70 say no, routinely, and 30 people say yes...

How Do You Win?

Now That You've Caught Up

So, you're like, “Dang! OK? I got some nuggets and now I'm going to beat...