Contractors: Gain the Competitive Advantage with Data

Melis Steiner Feb 11, 2021 6:37:18 PM

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The ability to effectively sell your product or service will always be one of the most critical elements of a thriving business. Sales training and a sales process will continue to be the bedrock of what makes a great sales team, however, Contractors' strategies are evolving. Advancements in sales technology will make the difference between someone who sells and someone who sells smarter, faster, and better.

Take advantage of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology provides vital insights into who your most valuable customers are, where they are located, and how best to sell them. It's like a cheat sheet to winning the deal—and you don't want to be the only company without it. In an industry that is traditional and notoriously slow to change, you have an incredible opportunity to jump ahead of the competition.

This emerging technology is ripe with opportunity and separates the highest producing companies from the rest of the crowd. You may be surprised to learn which businesses are already using data-powered sales to take the lead. Hint: they are often on stage receiving the top-seller awards.

It's not as complicated as you think

To most people, the idea of AI and data analytics sounds foreign and too complicated to implement. That is quickly changing as companies like Cognitive Contractor step in to provide real solutions specifically for the contractor industry. With actionable insights, targeted sales strategies, personalized marketing campaigns, and real-life implementation training, Cognitive gives you the necessary tools to get real results without the heavy lifting or a Ph.D. in data analytics.

Data-powered sales solutions lead to happier customers

Sales techniques are advancing quickly, and customer expectations are moving even faster. It's difficult to keep up without implementing these tricks of the trade. Beyond the need for continued revenue growth, there are other factors to consider that affect your bottom line. We've all seen companies' online reputations take a hit from unhappy homeowner reviews (including those that never become customers) or team morale decline as salespeople leave for other opportunities. AI-driven sales technology has made incredible breakthroughs to address these issues.

With an innovative, data-powered strategy, you can understand which people in your target market are truly prospective customers, meaning they:

• need your services/products

• are likely to be interested in your offer

• would hit or exceed your target contract amount

• offer high potential lifetime value

• could become excellent sources for referrals

• will likely leave a positive review if you deliver on your services

It's easy to see how this type of advantage sets companies up to quickly and easily surpass their competition. The simple truth is that you are already behind if you're not leveraging data within your business. Wait too long, and you'll be working to catch up, not enjoying the view from the top.

Here's what you need to know before investing in data

If you're ready to look into AI solutions for your business, it's important to know that data alone is not enough to get ahead, and the amount of data you have is not as critical as how you use it. The information you gather must be relevant, top-quality, and actionable. Then, you must leverage it to create intelligent sales and marketing strategies and experience the full value.

To ensure you don't leave opportunities and revenue sitting on the table, follow this checklist when shopping around for solutions:

• Is the data tailored to your industry, business, and customers?

• Can the company predict your next sale and prioritize leads with a high likelihood of converting?

• Are the findings presented in a format that is easy to understand?

• Does the company offer marketing solutions that support your sales goals and make it easier to close?

• Will the company provide sales training to increase productivity and ROI?

• Can the technology provide pre-set appointments?

How a data-powered strategy affects your sales process

It changes everything. Top producers know that time is money, and that wasting time with people who are unlikely to buy from you or don't offer enough value is a dangerous drain on motivation and resources. Quality sales technology identifies these roadblocks before they happen and steers your sales team toward the most efficient and profitable path.

In today's business climate, operating without data is the equivalent to sending an unarmed sales force into battle when the enemy has heat-seeking missiles. Keep your troops well-equipped and happy so they can win the war, one battle at a time. You have the power to give your team the unfair advantage and enable them to feel the confidence and motivation that comes with being prepared and surpassing their goals.

Unlock your revenue potential

When you get the right salespeople in front of valuable prospects who are eager to buy from you, closing ratios improve, sales skyrocket, and team morale follows your business' upward trajectory. Are you ready to unlock your sales potential this year?

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